EV Charging

EV Charger 

You can get a charger installed in your home in the UK if you: 

1. Own the property, or you have permission from your landlord 

2. Have your own off-street parking 

3. Have a WiFi connection at home  

That’s it!    

Arranging installation of a home charger is easy, and you can do it through us. 

Our standard home-charging installation package includes: 

1. Fitting the charge point to a brick or plaster wall. 

2. Up to 15 metres of 6mm power cable, to connect the distribution board or electricity supply meter and the charge point 

3. Fitting and testing electrical connections for the charge point 

To get a home EV charger, you’ll need to have dedicated off-street parking. This means that you have a garage or driveway where you can park your car that is away from the road.  

This is also convenient because it’ll be easy to connect to the mains electricity, while also being close to where you park your car.