Most modern gas central heating systems are made up of several different parts. Some of these parts may differ slightly depending on the type of gas central heating system you have in your home. These parts will include: 

A Boiler – This is the part of the system that heats up the water. It’s usually located downstairs in a two-story house and can be housed in a cupboard or in your garage. It will incorporate a programmer to turn it on or off during a 24-hour cycle. Pipes are used to distribute the heated water around your home.  

A Cylinder – These store hot water to use when required. These are generally found in homes with an older gas central heating system. Where a modern combi-boiler is installed, a cylinder is not required because water is heated on demand. 

Emitters – These come are the radiators  

The system installation depends on how many central heating radiators are needed to heat your home, type and size of central heating boiler and if the boiler needs to be moved to another location. A replicated system heating replacement will cost less than replacing your central heating, moving your boiler and adding five more radiators. This is because the cost of this will include additional pipework to move the central heating boiler and add new radiators.